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Vaginal Steams or V Steams on the contraire are not merely just a new fad! In fact they are an ancient healing and cleansing modality that were used by many indigenous cultures from around the V Steam, also called; Yoni- Steam, Womb, is a beautiful therapeutic healing practice in all its cultural diversity.

Steam My What?

Steam your Vagina, it will change your life! The purpose of the V Steam is to aid as an internal cleanser for the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. Steaming provides non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for purification and release. It helps women to achieve and maintain optimal feminine, sexual, and reproductive health by increasing blood circulation and clearing out old residue. This is considered especially important for women with unexplained fertility conditions. Usually attributed to blood stagnation and blockage caused by incomplete emptying of menses each menstrual cycle. It helps to regulate natural healthy cycles, balance hormone levels, enhance libido, and increase orgasmic pleasure. Other benefits may include, menstrual support, elimination of yeast and tissue overgrowth, fungi, and bacteria, increase in cervical fluids, relaxing the vaginal opening, nourish and tone the uterine lining, assist with Fibroids, Cysts, Hemorrhoids and so much more. In addition to the physical cleansing and release during the steam, many women may also release deeply held feelings resulting in healing from psychological trauma and suppressed and stored in cellular memory.

Many women experience challenges in one form or another – from chronic fatigue, endocrine and gynecological disorders such as mild to severe menstrual cramps and irregular periods to pain during intercourse. Oftentimes, women accept these challenges as normal, and rarely talk about or address their discomfort and suffering. Yet, there exists a simple organic holistic alternative that a growing number of women are calling upon to naturally help with these challenges and to heal themselves.

There’s a myriad of feminine health benefits that ensue with regular vaginal steams. The tissues of the vulva (what you see on the outside) and the vagina (what can be felt on the inside) are mucous membranes. This delicate skin is very permeable due to a rich concentration of blood vessels, which means the vagina is an ideal area to apply or use herbal therapies for their medicinal value.

A vaginal steaming comprises of a special blend of medicinal herbs that when infused in warm water release the healing properties of each plant into the uterus. The combination of medicinal herbs and steam penetrate deeply into the cervix and uterus to dislodge indurated menstrual fluids and pathological accumulations that have not properly sloughed off with each previous cycle or pregnancy. This is possible, when the warm steam permeates through those membranes to liquidize those debris and excess accumulations. These accumulations may cause blockage, menstrual imbalances and odor causing bacteria. The herbs not only help soothe and nourish the thirsty vaginal membranes but allow for detoxification.

Most women are likely to have recognizable benefits from steaming if they experience irregular or painful periods, vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, uterine fibroids, perineal tears, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies, myomectomies, and laparoscopies. Vaginal steaming is also beneficial for women who aren’t experiencing any particular issues, as it is a soothing way to relax and pamper yourself.

It is a time honored traditional practice most commonly used by midwives for postpartum care but also now used as an alternative therapy to effectively address a plethora of gynecological concerns. This wise universal practice of utilizing the alchemy of heat, water, and plant medicine to care for the root of the female body (the womb) has finally made its emergence into the modern age and is here to stay.


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